Hey there! Huge shoutout to Prakrit for the amazing vermi compost that's done wonders for my plants.  My garden is thriving with lush greenery, and I couldn't be happier! Let's spread the word about these sustainable practices - they're a game-changer for both our gardens and the environment.  Nature lover approved! Let's keep nurturing our little green buddies and make our planet greener.  #SustainableGardening 

Dr. Aditi Nag

"Nature's magic: 2 months of food waste turned into rich organic compost, all thanks to Prakrit!"

Bela Gupta

Dear Prakrit,

We've honestly lost track of the kilograms of compost we've harvested and shared over the past year, all thanks to your incredible and cost-effective composting solution. It has been a source of immense pride and joy to be a part of this association that fosters such a positive impact on the environment. Your invention has made sustainable living not only accessible but also deeply fulfilling.

We are grateful for your dedication and innovation in this field. Our commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices is stronger than ever, thanks to your contribution. Let's continue to nurture our planet together.


Dear Prakrit, 
Waste management poses a significant challenge, and it is imperative that we initiate wet waste segregation, beginning at home. As women, we play a crucial role in promoting this practice within our households and among others. We are grateful to Prakrit for offering us a hassle-free solution that has made composting an enjoyable and positive experience.
This composting process not only helps reduce waste but also contributes to a healthier environment. It is heartening to see how Prakrit has made this eco-friendly endeavor more accessible and fun-loving for all. We believe that by collectively adopting such sustainable practices, we can make a substantial impact on waste management. Thank you, Prakrit, for leading the way.

Usha Nayyar

The vermicompost is very effective and I highly recommend it.
- Moist and fresh, dark in colour
- Soil-like, well decomposed and without any leftover pieces of organic matter
- Easily mixed with soil in pots
- Does not grow fungus
- No pests or foreign material
Overall, my plants love it. 

Anshuman Singh

Team Prakrit has done a wonderful job in installing the Composting system in our School. The orientation session before installation was very helpful and well delivered , it helped us to manage the day to day compost procedure very well. The after Sales support and service were also appreciable, the team visited within a month to check if everything was going well. A very nice initiative which is handled and delivered by Prakrit in a very professional way.
Highly appreciate the team work and the services delivered.
Looking forward for more such association in different sustainable techniques.

Ananta World School