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Welcome to Prakrit, a non-profit organization passionately committed to advancing sustainability and championing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through groundbreaking research, innovative practices, and impactful education. We firmly believe that sustainable development is vital for the well-being of our planet, and by leading the way towards sustainability; we can create a significant positive impact for a better world. With our unwavering dedication to research, innovation, and education, we strive to bring forth novel solutions to pressing global challenges, igniting transformative change and inspiring a brighter, more sustainable future.

Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable world for future generations

Our Focus

Health & Wellbeing
Skills Development for livelihood creation
Solid Waste management
Sanitation & Hygiene


Why Sustainability Matters

We firmly believe that sustainable development is crucial for the future of our planet. By embracing sustainability, we can address pressing global challenges and create a positive impact that resonates far and wide. At Prakrit, we are passionate about making a meaningful difference in the world and inspiring others to join us in our journey toward a better future.


  • Awareness and Training

  • Research & Innovation

  • Products & Services

  • Sustainable Solutions



Target Beneficiaries


  • 1.

  • Sustainable Urban Revolution

    1. Pioneering Urban Community Transition for a Safer World through Natural Resource Conservation & Sustainability
    2. Cultivating a Thriving Sustainable Future: Embracing DIY Composting & Nature-Based Wastewater Treatment for Recycling
    3. Unleashing the Power of Organic Farming: Nurturing Green Growth & Championing the Zero Waste Campus Program

  • 2.

  • Rural Resilience Revolution

    1. Nurturing Rural Landscapes: Empowering Sustainability for a Greener Future
    2. Empowering Rural India by Nurturing Innovations Towards Sustainability
    3. Revolutionizing Rural Villages into Zero Waste Role Models:

Popular causes

Checkout Our Projects


Empowering Women

Breaking Barriers, Empowering Women: Harnessing the Power of Science & Technology for Gender Equ


  • GOAL : $ 50
  • RAISED : $ 45
Nurturing Skills for Livelihood Generation

Empowering Lives, Building Futures: Nurturing Skills for Livelihood Generation, Creating Sustainable


  • GOAL : $ 45
  • RAISED : $ 12
WaterFlow: Sustaining Life, Conserving Every Drop

Empowering Water Conservation and Wastewater Treatment for a Sustainable Future. 


  • GOAL : $ 90
  • RAISED : $ 78
Do-it-yourself composting Drive

From Waste to Wealth:Become a Champion of Sustainable Waste Management


  • GOAL : $ 56
  • RAISED : $ 79
Sustainable Campus Programme

From Classrooms to Sustainable Hubs: Join the Movement of the Sustainable Campus Programme for a Mor


  • GOAL : $ 34
  • RAISED : $ 78
Awareness Campaign

Empowering Urban Communities for Sustainable Living At [Your Organiz


  • GOAL : $ 56
  • RAISED : $ 46
Zero Waste Campaign

Swacch Gramin Abhiyan: Embracing the Zero Waste Revolution, Transforming Rural Communities.


  • GOAL : $ 1137
  • RAISED : $ 1370
Tree Plantation Drive

Building a Greener Legacy: Tree Plantation Drive - Fostering Environmental Stewardship in Rural C


  • GOAL : $ 1370
  • RAISED : $ 1370
Health & Wellness Campaign

 Bringing Healthcare to Rural Communities: Our Free Health Camp Initiatives


  • GOAL : $ 1370
  • RAISED : $ 1370


Take a Step Towards Sustainability

Your involvement can make a difference in the world. Whether it is through  your time, knowledge, through your time, knowledge, or resources, every contribution counts towards creating a more sustainable future



Join Our Event

Get involved and make a difference! We host a range of events and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable development and creating a better future. From educational workshops to community projects, there's something for everyone.

    • 17

    • Feb


  • Green Summit 24

    We are pleased to announce that the IITRAA Jaipur Chapter, in collaboration with the Indian Insti

    • 26

    • Oct


  • Energy Swaraj Yatra

     A captivating exploration of sustainable energy with a true expert in the field. It wa

    • 15

    • Oct


  • The Joy of Sustainability

    Share a littile,Care Little. Spread the joy, by giving back to the community. Contact us at 97726


Our Work Promise To Uphold The Trust !

  • 500+

    Environmental-Education Programs

  • 250+

    Public Promotional Activities

  • 200+

    Rural Youth Development

  • 200+

    Women Empowerment


Customer Reviews


Hey there! Huge shoutout to Prakrit for the amazing vermi compost that's done wonders for my plants.  My garden is thriving with lush greenery, and I couldn't be happier! Let's spread the word about these sustainable practices - they're a game-changer for both our gardens and the environment.  Nature lover approved! Let's keep nurturing our little green buddies and make our planet greener.  #SustainableGardening 

Dr. Aditi Nag

"Nature's magic: 2 months of food waste turned into rich organic compost, all thanks to Prakrit!"

Bela Gupta

Dear Prakrit,

We've honestly lost track of the kilograms of compost we've harvested and shared over the past year, all thanks to your incredible and cost-effective composting solution. It has been a source of immense pride and joy to be a part of this association that fosters such a positive impact on the environment. Your invention has made sustainable living not only accessible but also deeply fulfilling.

We are grateful for your dedication and innovation in this field. Our commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices is stronger than ever, thanks to your contribution. Let's continue to nurture our planet together.


Dear Prakrit, 
Waste management poses a significant challenge, and it is imperative that we initiate wet waste segregation, beginning at home. As women, we play a crucial role in promoting this practice within our households and among others. We are grateful to Prakrit for offering us a hassle-free solution that has made composting an enjoyable and positive experience.
This composting process not only helps reduce waste but also contributes to a healthier environment. It is heartening to see how Prakrit has made this eco-friendly endeavor more accessible and fun-loving for all. We believe that by collectively adopting such sustainable practices, we can make a substantial impact on waste management. Thank you, Prakrit, for leading the way.

Usha Nayyar


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